Al-Halaqa, Discussion Circles

Once a  month Al-Halaqa will take place in the MSA lounge.  The discussions will cover a variety of questions and topics in Islam such as:

Suggestions are welcome.  Halal dinner will be served prior to the Halaqa for Muslim students and participants. Please check back for day and time updates.

During COVID, Al-Halaqa will be held virtually. On some occasions, individual meals or other food may be provided to pick-up beforehand.

Image of Muslim students sitting in the Muslim Students Lounge for a discussion circle.

Muslim students gathered together in the Muslim Students Lounge for a discussion circle about Muharram.

Muslim students joining together after a meal for a discussion.

Muslim students in the Muslim Students Lounge eating and talking.

Muslim students eating in the Muslim students lounge prior to the Halaqa, discussion circle, starting.