Due to the hours of fasting from dawn until sunset, many Muslim students will be experiencing a lot of fatigue throughout the day. A lack of consistent sleep makes it difficult for students to get adequate rest.

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Lack of sleep coupled with hunger and thirst, can begin to have adverse effects on a student’s academic performance. This is especially prevalent during Final exams when students may have exams in the late afternoon or may have more than one exam per day.

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With the additional focus on prayer and spirituality, Muslim students may need time and space during the day to observe the five daily prayers. To find prayer times during Ramadan visit this website and enter your zip code.

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Students need access to dining facilities in the evening to accommodate the time for Iftaar, breaking the fast. They also need sufficient options for their Suhoor meal the next morning.

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It’s important to be mindful that while this is a spiritually rejuvenating time for Muslims, it’s also physically tiring.

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