Weekly Jum’ah, Friday Prayer Service

Jum’ah, Friday prayer service, will be held weekly in the Muslim Students Association lounge located in the Basement of Collins Residence Hall (A002). Time to be decided.

During COVID Jum’ah Messages are being held virtually. In-person Jum’ah is decided on a week-to-week basis, masks must be worn, bringing your own prayer rug is encouraged, and the capacity is limited.

What to Expect?

Jum’ah consists of a Friday Sermon followed by a congregational prayer. Virtual Jum’ah includes a short sermon-like talk, and students are encouraged to pray Dhuhr on their own. Visitors are welcome to join virtually. Prior to COVID, visitors were also invited to attend Jum’ah in-person in the Muslim Students Lounge to observe the prayer service.

Image of students sitting in the Muslim Students Lounge and listening to the Friday Sermon.

Muslim students at the weekly Friday Prayer Service, Jum’ah, listening to the Sermon given by Alum, Muhammad Siddiqui ’14.

Image of Muslim community listening to Friday Sermon at Friday Prayer service.

Muslim community coming together for the weekly Friday Prayer Service, Jum’ah.

Image of Muslim Students listening to the Weekly Friday Sermon at the prayer service.

Muslim community listening to the sermon at the Friday Prayer Service, Jum’ah, in the Muslim Students Lounge.